6 Ways to start saving more money today

It doesn't matter if you are 16 or 86 years old everyone needs or would like to save more money. There is no secret and if will require hard work and sacrifice.Make coffee at home – the normal trip to Starbucks can run between 3 to 5 dollars each time. If you were anything like me you love your morning Starbucks. At one point I would stop 4 to 5 days a week sometimes picking up whatever pastry looked good. I sat down and totaled my weekly Starbucks spending and it was OUTRAGOUS. Weekly I was spending on average 30 bucks a week or for you math wiz’s out there 120 a month. When I looked at the big picture this was over $1,000 a year.

Now, Starbucks is my treat so I still enjoy it, but not as much. This simple change has allowed me to allocate more of my income towards saving.A written budget – If you take the time to sit down and write out a budget it will allow you to set a set an amount every month ear marked “savings”. Look at what you were spending in previous months and decide what portion can be shaved down moving forward. A big category for me was eating out. I saved a hundred or so dollars a month by just looking at how much I was spending and feeling disgusted. It adds up fast food 10 bucks here dinner $25 dollars there. Again, it is ok to go out to dinner or treat yourself to lunch, but in moderation and have discipline. Try things like packing lunch or cooking at home more. These small lifestyle changes can save thousands of dollars annually.

Have savings goals – Set an amount goal. If you have a goal and a plan your money will start working for you rather than you working for your money. If you decide to say set aside $100 a month or paycheck. Whatever you decide make sure it is consistent. Also, one thing to keep in mind is not to get too ambitious with your savings. What I mean is that you do not want to put money into a savings account and then rack up a bunch of debit to eat, live etc.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt (Most important) – If you have credit card debt GET RID OF IT!!! In most cases credit card interest rates vary between 12% – all the way up to 25%.

This is just money going down the drain. If you choose to pay the minimum balance in most cases you are only paying the interest and will never get the card paid off. If a person does not pay off the balance each month they are paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year to the credit card company. This is all money that can be going to a savings account, retirement, vacation or anything else in your life. I cannot stress how important it is to not have any credit card debt.

Add additional Income – This may sound like a no brainer. When people think of adding income the first thing that comes to mind is a job and working for the man. This is the last thing a hardworking self-respecting person like your self wants to hear. Well you could get another job, but that is not the only option.

Make you the boss – In this particular scenario we are just discussing adding money to save not to live on. So whatever skill you have utilize for a couple hundred bucks a month. Mow a neighbors grass, tutor, shovel snow, if you live in a bigger city ty driving for Uber or Lyft, make items to sell there are thousands of things a person can do th rais their income. Write down what you are good at, what the need is in the community you live and you can make money on the ideas and skills you have listed. If you give it a little thought and step out of your comfort zone it will be surprising what people will pay you for.

Who knows this may turn into a fulltime job

Sell Your Stuff – Evaluate what you have and your need for it. If you have 200 DVD’s you have only watched once explore selling them. There are many ways to sell stuff these days online is a very popular avenue and typically you can get the most money for your stuff by selling it on sites like EBAY.Com. The reason a seller typically gets the most money by selling on line is the audience is much larger. With a larger audience there is more work and potential headaches. If you decide to sell your stuff on Ebay you will be responsible for shipping and making sure the item arrives to the buyer on time. 

Other avenues to selling your items include having a garage sale, going to a pawn shop, or posting adds to your friends on social media. This may not get you top dollar, but you will get your money quicker and less of a hassle (no shipping).

Flipping – try your hand at buying items in your community and then selling for higher online. As I said before selling online can bring more money for items because there are far more prospective buyers. A tried and true method is learning a niche and going on the hunt. If you know women’s clothing and have an eye out for what brands will have generate a lot of interest and money on line. Hunt through thrift shops, garage sales and estate auctions sales for items that will sell for much more online. Keep in mind you will have to ship the items to the buyer so make sure the items you are flipping will not cost an arm and leg to ship. Also, do not be afraid to negotiate at the thrift shop or estate sales. When doing this your goal is to make your margin of profit as high as you can. A start may be selling a few items you have laying around the house to get a feel for online selling. When you are out looking for items to sell online make sure you take your smart phone with you and look up similar items on the spot to see what they last sold for and how many bids the item had.

Use Cash – Believe it or not when you use cash to make purchases you will think about it more. It is so easy to slide a card and forget about it until the bill comes at the end of the month. With cash you see it you feel it and think about whatever you are buying more. If you transition to cash give yourself a weekly amount to spend and when it is gone it is gone. Save your change. Make it a point to save your change and take it to the bank every 6 months. Deposit your change into savings. Not only will you spend less by using cash you can deposit your change into your savings account. It is a win win.